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“The audience was hanging on to every word he said. Everyone was so inspired and challenged by Devon’s story. When he finished his speech Devon remained at the podium and answered questions for another 30 minutes. By this time it was 11pm, but that didn’t deter the crowd from standing in line to get their pictures taken with him. In looking over our participant surveys, Devon’s presentation was consistently rated as the highlight of our meeting.”

Harriett Matthews

Consulting Services Group

American Express


“Exceptional! That is the first word that comes to mind after you exceeded our high expectations. Your sincere words of hope of hope, encouragement, and humor in the midst of personal anguish were heartfelt and will provide a lasting memory for the Court Employees. In my almost twenty years at the Court, I can honestly say that you received the first standing ovation that was given speaker.”

Diana Durkee August

Chief Deputy Clerk


“I want to personally thank you for your polished and incredibly motivating presentation at our annual meeting. People were mesmerized by your stories and your flawless delivery. I was totally captivated by your ability to deliver a message that was so vivid I felt like I was living your life. The way that you wove our organization's mission and challenges into your presentation was uncanny and the large crowd that gathered for your autograp was an indication of the impact you had on our audience.”

Donna Wachter

Executive Director

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics


“Thank you for taking the time to understand our business and for integrating our culture and meeting theme so seamlessly into your comments. As you know, our theme was "Playing to Win" and my entire team left your presentation inspired and ready to win. Your story, message and passionate delivery will be remembered as one of the highlights of our meeting and was the perfect close. I hope our paths cross again soon and until that time "keep on pushing!"”

Roland Smith

President & CEO

American Golf Corporation


“Mr. Harris delivered an exceptional speech to our group of approximately 200 employees which was both motivational and inspirational in nature. While his recent background is that of an athlete on the world stage, his speech transcended athletics and spoke to the broader issues of hard work and perseverance that make all things possible. The challenges of his early life gave great credibility to his messages. The feedback from the attendees was highly positive.”

John Elms

President & CEO

SpectraLink Corporation


“Devon was the perfect complement to our national sales meeting. He brought elements of sincerity, inspiration, motivation and relevance; in a manner that aligns with any sales organization. In addition, he perfectly aligned his message to our team in a manner that inspired everyone to keep forging forward to achieve their goals…..and his message continues alive well beyond our meeting and drives our team today!”

Mike Larrain

President, Active Cosmetics Division

L’Oreal, USA


“Devon's program was one of the highest rated presentations from this year’s conference. Devon has an incredible story to tell and our attendees really enjoyed it. He was a pleasure to work with and spent a great deal of time after the event speaking to our customers and signing autographs. I would highly recommend him to speak before any crowd!”

Rebecca A. Swanick

Sr. Marketing Manager, User Conference

Rational Software Products

IBM Software Group


“Devon Harris had everyone on their feet. Our entire workforce gained from his experiences and insights. I received nothing but praise for booking Devon - from our company president to the folks in the mailroom. We look forward to working with him again.”

Mr. John K. Tiene

VP of Strategic Business Initiatives & Corporate Relations

New Jersey Skylands Insurance


Devon Harris was exactly what my company needed to kick off our Olympic themed event. His story was captivating and inspiring and held the interest of our three hundred employees. Devon was very gracious after his keynote and spent a lot of time signing autographs and talking with our employees one-on-one and in small groups. They were impressed how friendly and fun he was and Devon seemed as happy to be with us as we were with him.

Gary Blossman,

President and CEO

Parish National Bank


You are one AMAZING individual. Your story of personal achievement and accomplishment sets you miles apart from any other so-called ‘inspirational’ speaker because you truly lived the experience and, through your presentation, we travel that road with you. Working with you was a breeze – your grasp of our company, our culture and our business, and the ease in which you worked with the production group and emcee, all resulted in accolades, not just for you, but for me as well. You are generous in spirit and in heart and the time you gave us off-stage was immeasurable. Just about every attendee has a ‘Devon’ story – you managed to leave them begging for more.

Barbara Blumhof

Asst. Vice President

Citi Commercial Business Group


Throughout the process from the initial contact until the speech was delivered, Mr Harris was very professional,forthcoming and cooperative and easy to work with. He arrived on time and was well prepared and showed a genuine interest in our company.
He was very well liked by our employees both on and off the stage where he also took the time to socialize with the staff. We received a lot of feedback from staff members not only about how engaging Mr Harris was, but also about his powerful, inspiring message.

Eva-Maria Bekier

AHR Director, Entercard

Stockholm, Sweden


As a principal for an event-marketing agency hired to manage and host former Olympic athletes for one of the premier Olympic sponsors, I can report without reservation that everyone from the general public to the highest executives loved Devon. He was a hit!

Holly Clifford, VP

Hope-Beckham, Inc.


We truly enjoyed having Devon as the speaker for our event. His warmth and passion really engaged the audience members. Most importantly, he was able to tie his expertise (athletics and sportsmanship) to what's important to our audience. His "take-away" message was inspiring and made everyone feel good. As a bonus, he was very generous with his time after the event and stayed to autograph DVDs and spend time chatting with people.

Aviva Belsky

Association of Medical Publications


Devon's inspirational story of personal triumph and testament on the values of leadership were a perfect fit for our organization. His professionalism, positive attitude and friendliness served us well.

Tom McLennan

Oregon Trail Council

Boys Scouts of America


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for speaking at our National Sales Meeting in Montreal. As you know, the theme of the meeting was "Breakthrough" so that we could focus the team on overcoming obstacles in the marketplace and delivering world-class results. Your story and message was ideal for the challenges that we were facing. You helped us to see that there is “always a way to win....and we must find it!!!” We are winning now...but are always challenging ourselves to raise the bar and anticipate additional obstacles. Thanks for all you have done to help us continue to strive for a commitment to excellence.

David Hallal

Vice President of Sales



Devon Harris spoke to our church prior to our participation in a medical/dental mission trip in rural south Jamaica. His personal story, combined with his energetic and engaging speaking style, greatly increased the focus and personal ownership of the work. I would recommend Devon as a speaker for any group in your church or congregation.

Bill Todd

Christian Formation Director

Woodcrest Chapel


We were so impressed with Devon’s ability to motivate our staff and incorporate our company goals within his inspiring presentation that we booked him to return the following year. Devon’s a gold medal winner in our books!.

Marsha Gerontis

Director of Marketing

Tel America


Devon Harris was a motivational dynamo! He researched our company and incorporated some of our acronyms and business practices into his keynote address. We found the story of his life moving and uplifting. His humor kept us laughing throughout his speech. Thanks Devon!.

Marla Thompson

Sales Planning Manager

GCI Communications Corp.


He exceeded all expectations I had for the evening. Not only did he do an excellent job with his presentation, but he also fit in with our people like an old friend.
His ability to compare his story with a pattern for conducting our lives was outstanding. I had reservations about the question and answer period after the presentation but they were unfounded. Twenty minutes after his presentation the house was still full and people continued to ask questions.

Chuck Brandon

Director of Field Services

National Propane Gas Association


Devon is fantastic! Our nurses LOVED him. He really took the time to know our audience of oncology nurses and spoke directly to them.
Just a few notes from our nurses:
1. Devon was a very enthusiastic and charismatic speaker but still very down to earth.
2. A good motivational speaker who embodies "the work to achieve your dreams" concept. I enjoyed the presentation.
3. A very down to earth presentation illustrating that there are always options to success in things one never thought possible.
4. Devon is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, reminding me not to be complacent and continue to work tirelessly for the welfare of my patients.
Devon, we have been energized to lead with a purpose and how to truly be a positive influence to ourselves as well as others.
Thank you for being so easy and fun to work with! Your passion and inspiration has definitely helped us to keep on pushing!

Gynisha Peeks

Project Manager, ONS Education

Oncology Nursing Society


Your presentation style, your thoughtful comments, and your inspirational story all were very meaningful and much appreciated by our membership. We especially were impressed by the obvious homework you did about our organization and the problems that we currently face as you mentioned them during your talk. We also thank you for your willingness to be accessible to our members after lunch as you signed autographs and talked with so many people who wanted to meet you.

J. M Ernest, MD


Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics ogy Nursing Society


Devon was a home-run hit. His story was compelling and his message was motivating and inspiring. He was impressive, engaging and passionate. Everyone enjoyed and appreciated Devon’s program and I would highly recommend him for any audience.

JEric Schurr

VP Marketing, Rational Software Products

IBM Software Group


Your presentation far exceeded our expectations. Your delivery style and clear message took hold of our audience and held their undivided attention. It was clear too, that you took the planning conference call very seriously and modified your message to touch all the salient points that I noted as being important for the conference.
It was also amazing to see how almost everyone lined up for optional pictures with you after the event.-a clear indication of what a strong connection you made with the audience. Many of the conference participants made it a point to tell me that they thought your presentation was out- standing.

Jerry Henderson Partner



We had the pleasure of working with Devon Harris as a guest speaker for our annual meeting of the top-50 executives in our company. Devon’s keynote address provided the ultimate emotional and motivational send-off for our team members. He did his homework on our company and made sure that through his speech, he connected with our people. Devon’s story about overcoming adversity and achieving the nearly im- possible inspired all of us to dream big!.

Tom Norton

Sr. Vice President of Human Resources American Golf Corporation


Thank you for the incredibly passionate and inspirational speech you delivered at our annual meeting. You had our attention from the start and we thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the insightful lessons you drew from your Olympic bobsled experiences. Your presentation was so well received by our managers that virtually all of them asked that you come back to speak to our lower level managers and staff. You were beyond question a big hit!.

Heiner Murmann

President & CEO

Schenker Logiscs


We have had guest speakers in the past, but none have delivered a message of such significance as yours. It was simple and pure but at the same time profound and extremely moving. Your words motivated and inspired all of us to focus on our dreams and that giving up should never be an option. I personally have your five key principals (Dream, Motivation, Discipline, Faith and Perseverance) embedded in my mind and on my heart. They are applicable in any area of life. You are an example of someone who has taken your role in life seriously and uses it to help others along the way.

Tony Vernaci

Director, Globalization/Strategy

Integrated Supply Chain Strategy

Textron, Inc.


You are a talented speaker with tremendous wit and truly energized our community during the Grand Opening Ceremonies for the new building to be used by Boys and Girls Club of East Texas. You spoke candidly about your life experiences, motivating everyone to exceed their expectations and be all they can be. It was indeed a day to remember in Longview, Texas.

Ruben Martin

President and CEO

Martin Midstream Partners


Your presentation will not be easily forgotten! You can be sure that our admiration for what you have done helped us achieve the goals Syngenta had for our program. I believe that your testimony and the valuable insight that you shared will make many human beings PASSIONATE about ACHIEVING, not only for Syngenta but for many other companies as well.

Pablo Casabianca

General Manager

Syngenta Andean & Caribbean


Your presentation was exciting, motivating, captivating and your delivery was flawless. It set the stage for the rest of the day; enabling an open environment to discuss, to plan and to strategize together as one team. It was also commendable that you researched our conference and customized your story to fit within our theme of “Take Back Control.”

Mary Ann Alberry


IBM Information on Demand global conference


"Devon Harris was really fantastic today at our recognition event. Not only did he engage the crowd and keep them laughing, Devon also wove in a few key messages that we mentioned in our prep call. Good speakers come and inspire – GREAT speakers understand the objective of the meeting and personalize their message to fit. The extra work Devon put in customizing his presentation really reinforced the goals of the meeting and went a long way in making sure our guests could relate it to their own lives. After his presentation, Devon stayed for photos and was a real pleasure to meet and work with. I highly recommend him!"



"The meeting ended yesterday and we had such a great, successful week because of many excellent sessions we had and Devon’s speech was certainly one of the highlights of the meeting!! People really liked the messages he conveyed in his speech and were able to relate to them at both professional & personal levels, and that was really what we were looking to get out of the guest speech for this conference, so he was the perfect match for it!"

--Orbitz Worldwide


Devon was entertaining and motivational. He customized his presentation to meet the needs and vision of our school district. He has inspired us to "Keep on Pushing!"

--Jackson County School District


Our attendees really appreciated hearing Devon's story. He took a personal interest in our event and was willing to customize his remarks to fit our audience, spending time getting to know our attendees and our organization better.

Charles Schwab & Co, Inc


Devon did a great job speaking to our group. He was a joy to work with, personable, had the right kind of energy and delivery of his speech was right on. The group loved him! National Association of College and University Food Service.


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