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Jamaica Geography


  • Location

Jamaica is near the center of the Caribbean Sea; 18 degrees north and 78 degrees west.

  • Size

With an area of 4,411 square miles, Jamaica is the largest English speaking island in the Caribbean and is slightly smaller than the state of Connecticut in the United States.
Length :
146 miles from east to west.
Width :Its greatest width is 51 miles, from St. Ann's Bay to Portland Point.

  • Closest neighbors

Cuba is 90 miles south and Haiti is 100 miles west.

  • Closest point in the Americas

Cartagena in Colombia is 445 miles almost due south. Miami is 571 from Kingston.

  • Climate

Tropical. Hot, Humid, temperate interior.
Average temperature: 82° F
Average rainfall: 78 inches/year

  • Longest River

The Black River, Jamaica's longest river, is flushed through the Great Morass, a swampy marshland that is the largest wetland habitat in the Caribbean.

  • Highest Point

The center of the island is mountainous with the highest point being the  Blue Mountain Peak at 7,402 feet.

  • Lowest Point

The Caribbean Sea at sea level

  • Chief Towns

The Island is surrounded by coastal plains, accounting for the many towns found along the coast. Chief towns include the capital city Kingston,Black River,Discovery Bay, Mandeville, Morant Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Spanish Town, and the city of Montego Bay.
Jamaicais divided into 3 counties and subdivided into 14 parishes.



Download a map of Jamaica you can fill in here
Map of Jamaica



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