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Lesson Plan Grade 4


These lessons can be tailored to fit the needs of a particular class. The units of study match the NYS learning standards.


English Language Arts

Students will: Write/type a letter to a fourth grader in Jamaica. In the letter the student needs to describe him/her, the school, home life (siblings), what the student likes to do to have fun, favorite food and what the student would like to be when he/she grows up. When describing what the student wants to be when he/she is grown, share with the friend what school subjects will be important in order to reach the goal.


Teachers will: Be sure students know how to use the proper opening and closing for writing a friendly letter.


Social Studies

Teachers will: Share that bobsledding began in Albany, New York. Devon Harris and the bobsledding team are originally from Jamaica. On a Smartboard or LCD, display the at the geography of NY State, the geography Jamaica and end with the map of Calgary, list the physical differences and similarities among the lands based on their geographical locations. Click here for "NY & Jamaica map"


Students will: Describe the climate, the vegetation, animals indigenous of each location perhaps the hobbies, of the inhabitants of either area based on the location.

Students can use magazines and other items to fill in a map of either Jamaica or New York State. For example, New York is known for the Adirondack Mountains and apple orchards. Jamaica is a climate hot, dozens of beaches. Click here for reproducible



Teachers will: Use the embedded maps from the Social Studies lesson, their legends and a ruler, calculate the size of the state of NY, from east to west and the size of Jamaica from east to west. Students will then use this map top calculate the distance of the journey from Jamaica, then to lake Placid, NY and finally ending in Calgary Canada. Click here for "Alberta map"


Student will: In pairs, describe how they came up with the answer in a step-by-step manner.



Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park in Jamaica is a site of particularly high biological diversity and is an important center for plants that are native only to Jamaica.

The Adirondack Mountains are a mountain range located in the northeastern part of New York where the habitat of the animals and plant life depends a great deal on the environment. click here for images


Teachers will: Display the images embedded, so that students can describe the observable characteristics as a whole group.


Student will: Research one organism that can survive in either its habitat, based on geography. This information can be presented in a PowerPoint to further increase student experience with using technology to publish. Click here for student planning page



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