Adversity can’t stop you

“There is no adversity capable of stopping you once the choice to persevere is made.”~ Jason Kilar

One way to look at life is to say that it is a continuous succession of both small and large problems. Those problems or challenges are what we call adversity and like it or not, they are a part of life.

And so the question is, when adversity strikes and it inevitably will…how do you respond to it?
When push comes to shove or the stuff hits the fan…..what are you made of? What are you really made of?

How you respond to your adversity is a clear demonstration of what you are made of and what you have to know, deep in your gut is that you are indeed capable of overcoming any adversity once you’ve made the decision to persevere.

Once you’ve decided to keep on keeping on, no matter what; you will find a way to work through your challenges.

This has been a keep on pushing moment.

I am Devon Harris

Keep On Pushing!

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