Keep On Pushing: Success to significance

Success excites us! It provides us with evidence that we’re capable of achieving regardless of the obstacles we may have had to overcome. Additionally, our achievements serve as further proof that we are capable of even greater success in the future. Needless to say, success means different things to different people. Some think of success…

Have Faith

A Keep On Pushing Moment: Have Faith “It is lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges” ~ Muhammad Ali I can definitely relate to this quote from the GOAT—The Greatest Of All Time. When I look back on some of the major accomplishments of my life, I know that I was able…

Keep On Pushing : Unchain your brain

They say that 80% of success is psychology— your mindset, belief system and emotions. Only 20% is mechanics—learning, practicing and developing a skill, setting goals, creating strategy or an action plan etc. We should focus on the 80% and in the process unchain our brains from the imprisonment of fear. We’d also be able to…

Keep On Pushing: Success is a Process

As we discussed in the previous article, the bobsled athlete achieves his explosive start and mind boggling speed down the track not with one massive push but trough a series of steps—each one building on the other. The sledder goes from straining to create movement off the blocks to sprinting to build momentum down the…

The Power Of Choice Over Circumstance, Make Wise Decisions Today

Even on a personal level, you have no control over how your children might behave, how your spouse might react to something that happened or how your boss or company might respond to a declining market. Still, although you have no control over these events, your circumstances today do not determine what’s possible for tomorrow.…

 Keep on Pushing
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