dare to dream part 1

Dare To Dream Part I

As I watched the athletes in Athens marching in the Opening Ceremony, competing in their respective events and listened to some of their individual stories, one thing stood out. There was one thing that they all shared. Dreams. They all harbored a dream to be an Olympian. Whether or not they win a medal they have lived that dream of representing their country at the Olympic Games. Regardless of nationality, race, gender or faith, we all have the ability to dream and to make those dreams come true. There are men and women of various ethnic backgrounds and faith representing over 200 nations in Athens.

Mankind was made to dream. We are made with potential beyond our wildest imagination and dreaming is a natural way of attempting to live some of that potential. Unfortunately we consistently live far below our capabilities, but it is natural for us to want more and to BE more. Don’t you remember when you were a child you played games and pretended to be your favorite super hero or someone else that you admired? That was you dreaming at a very early age. Today if you poll a group of first graders they will all tell you of their desires to be a lawyer, fireman, a nurse and so on. Kids are still dreaming. Unfortunately as we grow older we allow ourselves to be burdened and blinded by the pressures of life. We decided that we had to be realistic and ended up living lives of quiet desperation.

A life without dreams is a life of denial. Denial of our limitless potential and the greatness that is inside each of us. It’s a denial of our indomitable spirit and our innate ability to overcome any challenge we may face. A life with dreams is: A life of unbridled optimism. We live in a world that is at times dark and dreary. When we choose to dream, our dreams give radiance to everything by providing hope for something better around the corner. A life of personal power and growth. Having the hope and expectation of something better allows us to operate from a position of personal strength and power. This in turn gives us the courage to explore, stretch and redefine the limits of our full potential. It’s one of destiny.

Human beings are designed for success. We don’t need to become someone else to succeed; just more of who we are. Dreams allow us to do that and in time to achieve the greatness that lies within. So, be unrealistic. No one has ever achieved anything great by being realistic. I saw a great ad on television that purports that impossible is an opinion. I concur and affirm that being realistic is also an opinion. Opinions change don’t they? A few years ago it was deemed unrealistic, maybe even impossible, to have a Jamaican Bobsled Team. Today we know that that’s not the case.

Keep on Pushing!

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