everything in life is created twice

Everything in life is created twice

Everything in life is created twice – first through your thoughts and then in your physical world. The clothes that you are wearing, the chair that you are sitting on, and the building that you are in right now were first created in someone’s mind before they were created in reality.

Unlike animals, human beings have a free will. We can choose success or failure. We can choose to create and grow or to accept the way things are and regress. It is this ability to choose that separates us from animals. Birds fly south in the fall to warm lands, traversing thousands of miles and vast oceans; they know exactly where to go without any instruction in geography or navigation. Instinct is their only guide. Highly effective individuals train their minds to think about and visualize what they want to happen in their lives. They imagine themselves as the person they want to become. Through repeated effort they learn to control their minds and visualize their goals and dreams. The unsuccessful lack mental discipline. They allow their minds to wander from desire to desire or to become fixated on the things they do not want to have or the person they do not wish to become – and low and behold, that is exactly what they get. Each and every person, without exception and beyond a shadow of a doubt, has the ability to create what they want, since the power and potential of their imagination has no limits. The only limitations that exist are the ones you impose on yourself. Few people fully understand this.

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