Keep On Pushing : Unchain your brain

They say that 80% of success is psychology— your mindset, belief system and emotions while only 20% is mechanics—learning, practicing and developing a skill, setting goals, creating strategy or an action plan, and so on.

I want to challenge you to focus on the 80% and in the process unchain your brain from the imprisonment of fear, liberate your mind from doubt and free yourself from the disempowering beliefs you have been dragging around with you. It is high time that you release yourself from the constraints of mediocrity and instead shift your focus, and increase your intensity and drive.

The challenge for most people is that they live only in their heads. In other words, they have dreams, set goals, get excited about them but simply do not execute.


Because they are chained and anchored down by their stories —the disempowering beliefs they have been dragging around with them. These stories limit potential and stifles our ability to achieve since we decide that we can’t do something even before we even try. When we tell ourselves “no” before we ask the question, we automatically stop ourselves in our tracks.

What is your story?

“I am the wrong age, born with the wrong color on the wrong side of the track”

It is true that these issues can present real challenges to success but only if you let them. There are so many people who have succeed greatly despite such challenges. Bill Gates, Charles Branson, and Mark Zuckerberg; just to name a few, were in their late teens or early twenties when they started their now multi-billion enterprises. Ray Kroc was in his 50’s and Harland Saunders in his 60’s when they started McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken respectively. Today, there high school kids who are earning college degrees even before graduating from high school and senior citizens earning heir high school diplomas.

Barack Obama became the first African American president and there are numerous billionaires and millionaires of various ethnicities, many of whom were also born on the wrong side of the tracks.

Tony Robbins said it best when he suggested you “create a vision and never let the environment, other people’s beliefs or the limits of what has been done in the past shape your decisions. Ignore conventional wisdom.”

“I have to be perfect.”

No one is perfect. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can start shaking off the chains that bind us.

I recently read that “perfection is the lowest standard anyone can have.”
That might seem counterintuitive since perfectionism speaks to achieving the highest degree of proficiency, skill or quality. The truth is that perfection demands so much but is always out of reach and ultimately leads to disappointment, frustration, even suffering. Because perfectionism is such an unreasonable and cruel task master, it severely limits our growth and leaves us in an endless cycle of always striving but never being good enough.

Striving for excellence—-giving your absolute best effort overtime is a far more reasonable and achievable goal. So even though you may make mistakes along the way, you give yourself permission to learn, grow and become stronger.

“Life is hard”

If there is any consolation, know that no one gets through this journey of life without having to fight many battles. Challenges are a natural part of life but when we see them as burdens, we actually make our life experiences harder. Changing the story about your challenges will allow you to view them more as stepping stones than stumbling blocks and in the end leave you more adept, more creative and more capable.

The rewards of life only come after the struggle. If you allow your mind to remain stuck on the challenges you will surely miss out on the opportunities that exist beyond.

Change your story

Once you’ve identified your story, it is to change it and unchain your brain. It can prove to be a long, messy process that will not automatically result in you being super successful and famous but you will definitely be on the way to becoming more of whom you were meant to be. The old narrative was flawed and disempowering.You have he ability to
write a new one that will give you purpose and direction.

From there you can start creating a plan for where you want to be and then put that plan in action. Remember nothing happens without taking action. Don’t become discouraged if you find yourself regressing to your old habits every now and then. When that happens, take Frank Sinatra’s advice and “pick yourself up, brush yourself off and start all over again.”

Keep On Pushing!

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