Keep On Pushing : Unchain your brain

They say that 80% of success is psychology— your mindset, belief system and emotions while only 20% is mechanics—learning, practicing and developing a skill, setting goals, creating strategy or an action plan, and so on. 

I want to challenge you to focus on the 80% and in the process unchain your brain from the imprisonment of fear, liberate your mind from doubt and free yourself from the disempowering beliefs you have been dragging around with you. It is high time that you release yourself from the constraints of mediocrity and instead shift your focus, and increase your intensity and drive. 

The challenge for most people is that they live only in their heads. In other words, they have dreams, set goals, get excited about them but simply do not execute. 


Because they are chained and anchored down by their stories —the disempowering beliefs they have been dragging around with them. These stories limit potential and stifle our ability to achieve since we decide that we can’t do something even before we even try. When we tell ourselves “no” before we ask the question we automatically stop ourselves in our own tracks. 

What is your story? 

Whatever spin you put on it—you are “big boned”, the disease runs in your family, you are the wrong age, wrong color, born on the wrong side of the track, —in my mind can be summed up with one simple sentiment: 

“I have tried everything!” 

But if that were true, if you had indeed tried everything, things would have been much better, wouldn’t they? 

You would have been fit, have great relationships and have more money in the bank and generally be moving up the ladder of success!  

Am I correct? 

I don’t mean to seem insensitive. I recognize that there are some legitimate issues that create bigger hurdles for some people to get over. 

Maybe you are in fact big boned, or a certain disease runs in your family, or you are from the wrong side of the track. All of those are established, unchangeable facts. What I know though, is that we often say things to back up the thing that is keeping us from getting what we want. You should never allow an awareness of your past to affect your current and future possibilities.  

There are scores of people who are “big boned’ but yet they are fit. They were able to shed the extra weight once they changed their story. A large segment of the population predisposed to certain disease are leading healthy lives because they have made different lifestyle choices. There are many who were born into circumstances where opportunities were few and there was nothing about their environments which suggested that success was even remotely possible for them but yet they have been able to find their way.  

As you can see, our story affects what we do, where we go and how we approach life. There is always a story butas Tony Robbins reminds us, it is time to “divorce the story of your limitations and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity.” 

It’s time to unchain your brain and tell a more powerful story. 

A powerful story leads to a life of opportunity. With the right mindset, and a renewed focus, you will begin to see options that you previously thought were not available to you. 

Keep On Pushing!


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