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If I called you a gambler, you may, more than likely strongly object, pointing out that you are a responsible person who invest their time and resources carefully. However if you don’t have clear measurable goals written down and accompanied by a plan of action for their attainment you are beyond question a gambler of no mean order.

Without specific, measurable goals, success for you will be haphazard and you would be living life by default and not by design. Your great talents and abilities will remain latent because without goals you have given them no direction in which to go. If you are NOT a gambler then you know that living a life without goals is not for you.

During this e- course you will learn the importance of goals, why most people don’t set goals and how to set goals and achieve them.

Vince Lombardi was reputed for picking up a football at the beginning of the season and saying

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“Gentlemen, this is a football” One of the reason his teams were so successful is because they mastered the fundamentals. Every successful athlete master the fundamentals of his or her sport and like them, you too, if you want to reap and enjoy the rewards of a fulfilling life must master the fundamentals of successful living. Over and over again, you must approach your life with the “this is a football” mentality. Considered to be the master skill of life, becoming proficient at goal setting will impact your life in a ways you never thought possible. It is a sad fact but most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning their lives not realizing the incredible positive changes that would occur in their lives if they did in fact invest time to plan their lives.

Years ago, as I laid up in a hospital bed in England recovering from a broken ankle suffered in a parachuting accident( Yes, I used to be young and foolish) I saw a cartoon in which two characters were running around and singing “We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through”

I am not sure why that has stuck in my head but it is so symbolic of the vast majority of people without goals. They are so caught up in “busy” work, stuck on the tread mill of life, moving at a hundred miles per hour but going nowhere. They trade activity for achievement. Goal setters on the other hand are moving just as fast but with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Goals provides clarity of outcome.

When you are clear about what you want to achieve it becomes easier for you to chose and assess the activities and opportunities that present themselves to you. Someone who is goal directed recognizes that the activities they engage in and the opportunities they take advantage of are either moving them towards or away from their desired outcomes. They know that the clock is always ticking and so therefore everything that they do or fail to do will have in impact.

Everything matters; nothing is neutral and so they become excellent at the choices they make. These choices leave goal setters with a sense of contentment because everyday as they move closer to the things that are important to them, they are able to chart their progress and be inspired by what they have done so far. This of course grows their self confidence which leads to high self esteem and high expectations which are the cornerstone of high achievement. People without goals have no sense of where they are in they lives. They are like someone lost in the woods without a map and compass wandering around without any constructive mechanism for feedback.

Goals enable you to control the direction of change

And thus ensures that change is self directed. People who have no goals or fuzzy goals, at best subject themselves to undirected change, which is a source of stress, confusion and anxiety. Self directed change on the other hand is a source of personal power, enthusiasm and energy. Life is always changing. The economy is not the same as it was last year. The challenges you faced in your business or personal relationships have all changed. Your health issues are different this year from last. When you set goals, you ensure that change is predominantly positive since your goals are always moving you in the direction that you want to move

Goals give you the motivation to achieve them.

Investing the time and energy necessary to do the soul searching to determine your goals will reap handsome rewards in the powerful swell of motivation it produces. This incredibly powerful tool for success flow naturally when you set goals, compelling you to do everything you can to get better, withstand distractions and temptations and staying focused on the outcome you have envisioned. When you set powerful goals they live and breathe inside of you. You will get up early and work late. Throughout your day you’ll be constantly aware of what you need to do and you will have boundless energy and an invigorating sense of control over your life because you have the motivational energy.

Now I know you say that you have goals and you know how to set them but let me remind you that you only know something to the extent that you do it. Let me ask you again….

Do you have clearly defined goals?

Do you have a plan of action for each of them?

Do you prioritize your activities everyday towards the attainment of those goals?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you definitely need to learn more about goal setting.

IN THIRTY SECONDS, WRITE DOWN THE THREE MOST IMPORTANT GOALS YOU HAVE. If you are clear about your goals your subconscious mind will zoom in on them and you will complete this exercise quite easily. If you are not as clear, it will take you a little while to think of your three most important goals.

Set goals and the things you should consider to ensure that you are not among them. Look for it in your mailbox! Until then, please review your lessons and I’ll be back to share more GOALS MADE EASY with you. Talk with you tomorrow! Until then,

Keep On pushing!

Devon Harris


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