Lesson Plan Grade6

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Lesson Plan Grade 6

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Social Studies

The Migrations of Jamaicans to Canada…
While this may be ironic that a culture of people from a hot,tropical climate would choose to live in a colder climate, temperate one; this is exactly what happened when many Jamaicans migrated north to Canada.

Students will: In a report or power point, research why this move happened, when did the migration begin and how? Describe the types of jobs that helped Jamaicans to settle in Canada.
Teachers will: Since technology is usually at the fingertips of all students, the following sites may be helpful to gather information for the research. Just be sure that students properly cite the websites.

English Language Arts

The Right to Play organization is one that the author Devon Harris is an ambassador for. The mission is, “to improve the lives of children in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world by using the power of sport and play for development, health and peace.”

Students Will:Using technology or other visual artifacts, students can create an advertisement encouraging people to donate to the Right to Paly organization. This can be in the form of a poster, brochure or speech to the class.

Teachers Will: Have students research this organization at: http://www.righttoplay.com/International/about-us/Pages/mission.aspx. Create a rubric to score students based on their ability to appeal to an audience through their presentation of their piece, public speaking ability andneatness of project, etc

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A habitat is where things live. People live in neighborhoods and animals can live the same way. The environment of animals is very important in keeping the species alive.

Student will: Choose three animals, one from each geographical location and research their habitats. Be sure to describe the weather conditions that the animals are used to, what they eat, how they survive from danger and any other information that shows their similarities of differences.

JamaicaNew York StateCanada
ManateeStripes SkunkBlack Bear
Jamaican IguanaRaccoonCaribou
Jamaican HutiaRiver OtterMoose

Teachers will: Provide proper references for students to get information from. Introduce several mediums in which students may present their findings.


1.61 kilometers (km) = 1 mile (mi).
In the space provided, describe what you would need to do to in order to convert kilometers in to miles.

Solve the following conversion problems:
1. 26 km = _______ miles

2. 131km = _______ miles

3. 74.8 km = ______ miles

4. 243.54 km = ______ miles

In the space provided, describe what you would do to convert miles to kilometers.

Solve the following conversion problems:
1. 37mi = _______km

2. 94mi = _______km

3. 65.5 mi = _______km

4. 136 mi = _______km

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