Devon Harris

Devon Harris’ keynote presentations focus on the importance of having a dream, persistence in overcoming adversity, embracing change and not allowing others to define the limits of your success. He delivers programs that are comprehensively customized, inspirational and vividly descriptive; drawing strong analogies to his experiences growing up in a violent ghetto environment and achieving the status of a three-time Olympic athlete and member of the first Jamaican Bobsled Team.

As an international motivational speaker, Devon offers a masterful blend of entertainment and meaningful content that is fun, effective and highly motivational. Audiences love Devon Harris because he truly speaks from the heart and has an uncanny ability to connect on a deep level. Devon Harris’ fascinating personal story combined with his captivating speaking ability move audiences to be more introspective. They leave more focused on their own goals and dreams; clinging to a renewed sense that they can attain higher levels of personal achievement. Devon is truly an inspirational speaker. His presentations are introduced with inspiring clips from Disney’s Cool Runnings, and actual footage of Devon and the Jamaica Bobsled Team at the Winter Olympics.

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January 18, 2018

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