Gynisha Peeks

Devon is fantastic! Our nurses LOVED him. He really took the time to know our audience of oncology nurses and spoke directly to them.
Just a few notes from our nurses:
1. Devon was a very enthusiastic and charismatic speaker but still very down to earth.
2. A good motivational speaker who embodies “the work to achieve your dreams” concept. I enjoyed the presentation.
3. A very down to earth presentation illustrating that there are always options to success in things one never thought possible.
4. Devon is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, reminding me not to be complacent and continue to work tirelessly for the welfare of my patients.
Devon, we have been energized to lead with a purpose and how to truly be a positive influence to ourselves as well as others.
Thank you for being so easy and fun to work with! Your passion and inspiration has definitely helped us to keep on pushing!

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