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I can’t say it enough, what we want to do here on Keep On Pushing Radio is to provide you with information that will inspire you. Information that will challenge and encourage you to go for it, to strive to reach your full potential and thus live your best life.

We would like to see you become the best you possible and you tuning in to us is significant!

It is significant because you are helping us in our quest to make a difference in the lives of the people we come in contact with and it is significant because hopefully we will share something that might be the missing piece you were looking for and it light a spark in you.

Now, if you have been following me for a while, through my speeches, website, facebook page, this podcast and so on, you’ll know that my tag line, if you will….my mantra…my word of encouragement….my challenge, to everyone who listens to me is to Keep On Pushing!

And so, in this installment of our podcast on Keep On Pushing radio, I thoughtI would share some thoughts with you on this idea….this philosophy of Keep On  Pushing.

You’re probably wondering where this Keep On Pushing idea came from. And I wish I could say I had an epiphany, I experienced this burst of creative genius and came up with the idea but nope! No such thing happened.

Keep On  Pushing has a bobsled analogy. After all, I am an Olympic bobsledder!

Anyone who knows even the slightest thing about bobsledding knows that that is how you start the race—you push the sled. But it’s not one massive push as many might think. It is actually a process —a continuous process. You see, a four man bobsled weighs over 650 lbs and so it requires a tremendous amount of energy to overcome the initial inertia but after you have done that, you have to Keep On  Pushing. You have to continue the process of pushing because remember, the goal is to get to maximum speed in as short a time as possible. And one massive push won’t do the trick. You really do need to Keep On Pushing.

And even as you head down the track, in a very real way, you are still pushing. You are pushing against the ice conditions, the weather conditions, the twists and turns on the track and your are also pushing the limits of your abilities. You are trying to do better than what you did previously. So literally and figuratively, from the minute we leave the starting blocks until we cross the finish line, we are in a constant state of pushing.

Now I don’t know about you but I think that that is reflective of the success journey in life as well. What do you think?

Whether you are speaking personally or professionally, individually or collectively as a team…..

It’s a process!

Success is a process.

It is not one and done. You don’t simply make a massive effort at the outset and kick back and watch everything unfold. You have to Keep On Pushing. And I think that it is this awareness that you have to Keep On Pushing; this awareness that success is not a one and done thing —this is what leads to success in business, in public service, in the arts, in life itself.

So yes,Keep On Pushing speaks to the fact that success is a process. A  dynamic, ever changing, fluid process for transforming oneself as well transforming the people, organization and institutions around them.

I really believe that as human beings, we are built for continuous growth. You have to grow or perish. They say, you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting. So, you need to grow continuously as a person not just by learning and developing new skills but also learning how to apply your existing knowledge, skill set and experience to this new dynamic environment that you find yourself in; in order to create new opportunities for the future.

One to the things we have to recognize is that our knowledge, experience and the skill set that we have today will only take us to where we are today.

In this podcast, I often ask my listeners to pause and reflect on their own life and I am going to do that again. Just think about all the changes you’ve experienced and all the stages that you have passed through in your life and you will realize how true that is.

Look at something as simple as school for example. When you were in grade school, the proficiency and knowledge that you acquired in the first grade took you to the second grade. You were not able to move on to the third grade until you improved your skills and acquired new knowledge, right?

Yes, in some exceptional cases some students skipped grades but it also true that in other cases, for whatever the reason, some students weren’t able to push themselves far enough along the process in order to be promoted so they we were held back. But generally speaking, that is how it worked in school and other areas of your life—the skill and knowledge that you acquired took you to where you are and prepared you to push to the next level.

So how do you get to the next level?

How do you become the person you need to become in order to achieve the goals, you’ve set for yourself?


You have to Keep On Pushing!

You have to keep pushing yourself in order to improve your knowledge and your skill set.

You have to keep pushing back the borders and limitations on the way you think and see yourself.

All of that has to happen if you are to get to the next level. If you are ever going to grow.

There is no success without growth and as human beings we do have this natural tendency to to stay in our comfort zone. That place where we enjoy the luxury of the known,the safety of the convenient, the security of knowing what to expect.

But here is the thing….that natural tendency we have to remain in our comfort zone conflicts with this idea of Keep On Pushing. It really does! It conflicts with our natural desire to want to do and be and have better.

You see, deep inside of all of us is an innate desire for the full expression of our abilities. There is that thing inside that makes us want to strive to reach our full potential. However, it is like our potential is sitting on its equivalent of a 650 lbs bobsled. And that’s where the conflict lies. Part of us wants to maintain the status quo—stay in our comfort zone because it’s comfortable and predictable and the other part of us wants to tap into that innate desire we have for greatness.

That’s where our ability to Keep On Pushing comes into play and as I said earlier, It is dynamic, it is ever changing, it embraces change. In fact it drives change.

Like the bobsled start, it is fluid, not static. It is progressive. It has expectations that you will move from one level to the next. Kinda like in school……each new grade represents an increasing level of success.

Now, when I speak of increasing levels of success —.going from one level to the next, I don’t  simply mean moving up the corporate ladder. I am not talking about  buying a bigger house in a gated community, increasing the size of your portfolio  or accumulating wealth in other ways.

Yes, there’s no arguing that those things may be some of the rewards you reap for your ascent—for pushing yourself to the next level. But when I speak of reaching increasing levels of success, I am speaking in the broadest terms. I am talking about moving your purpose in your life forward no matter what your goals. This applies whether your goal is to increase market share or make a valuable contribution to society. Perhaps you want  to improve your personal relationships or maybe grow closer to God—you want to improve your relationship with your creator. Or maybe it’s your kids— you want to raise amazing children or maybe you want to get better in your job or you want to increase your leisure time.

The list goes on but that drive is innate in all of us. It’s in all of us. It’s not like I have it and you don’t or vice versa. In fact if you look at the successful ones among us across every field of human endeavor, what you will see is this profound urge to strive,  to take their game to the next level. You will definitely notice that they have this really strong desire to make progress, to make the most of the talent and abilities they have. Yeah man, they are really serious about achieving their goals and fulfill their dreamsand that inspires them to Keep On  Pushing!

Keep On Pushing also speaks to the idea of persistence.

I always say that one of the worst kept secrets in the world is the fact that there will always be obstacles between you and your goals.

Persistence is the idea that you find a way to get past the obstacles.

You have to find a way to push them out of the way and if that doesn’t work; you find a  way to push yourself over, around or through them. I was about to say that it is not one massive effort and we are done.  But I think if you can get in your head an image of a big stubborn obstacle in your way and you are trying to get it out of the way, you wouldn’t just give it one big push and then decide that it is immovable, would you? You would push and push to see it you could get it out of the way. Especially if you got a little movement….no matter how small, that would just motivate you push even harder and longer. But what if you couldn’t move it at all, what would you do,then? Well, persistence requires that we then look for ways to push ourselves over, around or through the obstacle. So, yes, It is a continuous process.

But as you can see, it is also a normal way of being. We have to continuously push ourselves to get to where we want to be.

A few years ago, I was participating in an author’s event in New York. One of the persons there was a young guy. He was touring the country with his poetry. Prior to that he was in college in upstate New York. Can’t  remember what he was studying but on his way back down to New York City one weekend, he met in a serious car accident. It was winter and they hit some black ice and the car was totally destroyed. If my memory serves me right, one of his friends was killed but he walked away without a scratch.

From that day on, he looked at his life differently.  As he explained it, it was as if his old life was killed off in that car accident and he now had a new lease on life. So he purposed that day to make the most of his abilities as a writer and not to continue to pursuing the things that others wanted him to.

But his story is not so peculiar, I am sure you heard of someone who has had a near death experience —they survived a terrible accident, or maybe experienced an unexpected remission of their cancer, or maybe survived a near fatal heart attack. But, whatever it is, as a result of this experience,  they go through an awakening, an instant revelation about their lives and what really matters, not only what matters but a  curiosity about all the things they could possibly achieve during their lifetime.

How about you? Are you the least bit curios about all the things you could possibly accomplish if you Keep On  Pushing? 

What if you tried, I mean, really, really tried to reach your full potential? What kind of impact could you make?

What accomplishments would you have under your belt?

Human potential is limitless. They say if you could run at 100mph in the direction of your potential, you still would not come within sight of your it. While that may be so and I believe that it is —I am still curious about how close I could possible get to if I Keep On  Pushing myself!

My goal is to inspire you to push yourself to get as close as you could possibly get.

Now, here is the thing that I find perplexing and you might as well.

If it is true, and it is…

That we all share this core….this innate human drive to grow, to push ourselves….to ascend….then the logical question is:

Why is the proverbial mountain top not overcrowded with high achievers and the base of the mountain unpopulated?

In fact, why is it the reverse?

If our potential is unlimited, why is the base of the mountain overcrowded with under achievers and the top have so few achievers?

Any ideas? Well let me share some thoughts with you on that.

I believe in life, there are three kinds of people….the nonstarters, the joggers and the pushers.


In life there are many who simply refuse to turn up at the start. Their only focus is on how difficult the track is. These are the folks I would describe as nonstarters. They can only think of the possibility of crashing —the chances of the business failing, getting passed over for the promotion , being hurt in a relationship, being ridiculed or criticized by others, or a myriad of other things that could go wrong; so they abandon the hope and the promise that life offers. When you look at these people you can tell that they have potential. Well, we all do but it is obvious that at least in some areas they have above average potential but they do just enough to get by. They demonstrate a decided lack of motivation and ambition. They sit back and watch those who have the courage to go for the ride head down the track.  Of course it is less risky not to go down the track, right?

It is less risky not to start the business, not to enroll in the course, not to ask for the promotion and so on. But here is the great irony. Life wears on them and they face greater pain and discomfort than that which they were trying to avoid by not taking to the track.


Joggers take to the start but instead of pushing with all their might, they choose instead to….yes you guessed it…jog! Instead of pushing with passion and intensity, instead of pushing with all their might—they take their time. They surmise that if they leave the top of the hill with less speed, they minimize their risk of crashing. They want to play it safe. Unwittingly, they don’t realize that the track doesn’t care how fast you are going. Each turn is still perilous. Life offers no guarantees!

There are a lot of joggers around. These are the folks with the “good jobs and the comfortable lives.” These are the folks who have made effort and have achieved some things…some of them fairly significant. Certainly when you look at where they started out in life compared to where they are now, no objective person would deny that these people have made progress.

But remember, success is not a specific action or destination. It is a journey.

It is the lifelong growth and improvement of one’s self  that defines the push.

It is that desire for lifelong growth and development that defines the journey and is the preparation for the perilous track ahead.

So these folks have achieved some things and now they are coasting. Their main focus is on finding the easiest, safest, smoothest path down the track but since the sled can crash at a moment’s notice the situation is quite precarious.

So how else can you tell a jogger?

Well, their effort is half-hearted at best.  Their input on the job is lackadaisical; they display an attitude of indifference in their relationships, they refuse to do anything to improve their current level of skill and make very little effort to expand their point of view.

Their mantra  is “at least we tried”.

So, although they are filled with this tremendous potential and they have demonstrated that if they make the effort, they will succeed, they find a comfortable place where they can shelter from the challenges of life and essentially relegate themselves to a life of mediocrity. Like non-starters they live compromised lives, hanging on to the illusion of what is, instead of striving for what could be. They have no vision.


Then there are the people like you. The studs….the pushers. These are the people who approach life with a “balls to the walls” attitude.

Pushers are not contented in living life vicariously through their heroes.  Sure, they look up to them and they admire them but for pushers, the success of others is not a reason to feel unworthy. Pushers believe that they have the same potential for greatness as their heroes and so they see the success of others as proof positive that they too can succeed on a similar level.

Unlike non-starters and joggers who constantly take an inventory of their short comings; pushers are possibility thinkers. They refuse to allow what others may consider a disadvantage —race, gender, age, family background or any other obstacle to stand in the way of the promise that life has made. These obstacles do not intimidate them. Instead they attack them with a sense of urgency. Pushers are possibility thinkers. They dedicate themselves to a lifetime of growth and achievement.

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OK…we are discussing this idea…this philosophy of Keep On Pushing. We spoke about the fact that it is a process. A continuos, dynamic fluid process through which we transform ourselves as well as the people and organizations around us.

Because we are all created and designed for continuous growth but we also have a resistance to change….. if we are going to give ourselves a chance to get anywhere near our full potential we must Keep On Pushing! That is how we get ourselves from level of success to the next.

And of course Keep On Pushing also speaks to the idea of persistence. Pushing the obstacles standing between us and our dreams out of the way or finding a way to push ourselves over, around or through them.

Before we went to the break, we discussed three kinds of people …the  nonstarters,  jogger and pushers.

The Nonstarters you might remember are those in life who simply refuse to turn up at the start. The only thing they can focus on is how difficult the track is. Ultimately, these people abandon the promise and the hope that life offers.

The Joggers do take to the track but rather than pushing with all their might, they jog. In other words, they don’t put their all into whatever it is that they are doing. They want to play it safe not realizing that life doesn’t care how safe you want to play it; the journey of life inevitably will produce challenges that must be overcome.

Then of course there were the pushers. These people have a zest for life and go after their goals with passion. They are not intimidated by life challenges and see the success of others as proof positive that they too have the ability to succeed.

So let’s continue…..

Now, I did say that the continuos push of the bobsled is a metaphor for our continuos growth—-the pushing back of our limitations and also pushing past our obstacles. However, I would like to switch sports, if I may and speak a little bit about high jumping……its history and how it has progressed over the years.

As you know, the high jump is a field event in which competitors must jump over a horizontal bar placed at measured heights. And they have to do this under their own power and without the help of any device or person. The  first high jump first competitions probably occurred in the Olympics of ancient Greece but the first recorded high jump event took place in Scotland in the 19th century.

We don’t know who that jumper is  but he cleared a height of 5’6”.  Now in today’s world that would have been an unremarkable jump but back then, that was no mean feat. In fact it was impressive! Especially when you consider that  back then they used a method known as the “scissor kick.”

This technique required the jumper to approach the bar diagonally and kick one leg up and then the other in a scissoring fashion to get over the bar.

Of course, this technique had its limitations, as there was only so high you could go. Irish-American M.F. Sweeney developed the “Eastern Cut-off.” By starting as if he was going to do the scissors kick and then extending his back and flattening out over the bar. This allowed Sweeney to achieve a more economical clearance setting the world record at 6’5 1/2” in 1895

Next came the “Western Roll,” developed by another American, M.F. Horine.Cornelius Johnson, an American,  won the 1936 Munich Olympics using this technique, and set a new world record of 6’8”.

As time went by, innovative jumpers kept on pushing, or in this case, literally raising the bar. They modified the Western Roll by adding a bit of speed and developed what was known as the “Straddle Technique.”

As a result, by 1957 the world record was quickly raised to 7’. But once again, this technique proved limiting.

Let me pause here long enough to quickly remind you of something I said earlier. Earlier I said that Keep On Pushing is about continuos growth Not just by learning and developing new skills but by learning how to apply your existing skills and knowledge in the new dynamic environment in which you find yourself in order to take advantage of or create new opportunities for yourself. Do you remember that?

Well, by 1967, the landing surfaces used in the high jump were higher and softer. American Dick Fosbury took advantage of this by adding a new twist to the outdated Eastern Cut-Off. He directed himself over the bar head and shoulders first, sliding over on his back and landing in a fashion which would likely have broken his neck in the old sawdust landing pits. The “Fosbury Flop,” as it was appropriately named, was a far more effective way of clearing the bar, and Dick Fosbury went on to win the gold medal at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. Every high jumper now uses the Fosbury Flop, and it has been used to break the world record and push the limits of the sport several times. The current world record is held by Cuba’s Javier Sotomayor. In 1993, he cleared an amazing 8’1/2.”

The history of the high jump demonstrated an interesting and instructive trend. Every time the bar was raised, someone developed a new technique to get over it. This speaks directly to this philosophy of Keep On Pushing. This speaks directly to you and everything about your life, business, career, spiritual life and family. The skills you developed yesterday will limit your potential and hence what is possible in your life the same way those earlier jumping techniques limit the heights to which those jumpers could reach. Keep On Pushing raises your expectations to become a better person, parent, spouse, manager, a better worker, a better friend, business person, entrepreneur, leader, and citizen.

So that leads me to ask you, where is your bar?

How high do you intend to raise it?

Let’s examine it for a minute…

Your bar or your standard is a function of your current perspectives….perspectives that give rise to your expectations

Expectations that concern for example, how much you can earn, how much you’ll allow yourself to weigh, the quality of your relationships,and what kind of behaviors you will and will not tolerate from others. It is the bar you set…mostly unconsciously…… for yourself to never drop below.

They are YOUR choice for how you want to live your life.

Your bar or standard describe the general ways that you have decided to conduct yourself in the world. It’s your line-in-the-sand that you never cross and if you do, you are the first one to get pissed-off at yourself.

So let’s be clear…your standards are not goals, just ways of being.    Make sense?

Now, here is the interesting and exciting thing about your standards……They are arbitrary. You have arbitrarily set them. You could have demanded more or you could have settled for less. Wherever they are, they are there because you decided that that is where they should be.

Now that is exciting news, because it means that if your standards were arbitrarily set in the first place, you can arbitrarily move them. Whenever you wish, you could put them them in places where they may serve you much better than where they had been before.

Now, here is an interesting thing about life that I think I out to highlight…

Life will only give you what you have asked of it. If you don’t expect much, you don’t get much. But know that you can always  pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, as they would say, by simply moving to a higher standard….by raising your own bar…by demanding more of yourself or from yourself and the world around you.

I read this little verse years ago, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I bargained with life for a penny and life would pay no more

However I begged at evening when I counted my scanty score

For life is a just employer, it gives you what you ask

But once you have set the wages why you must bear the task

I worked for a menial hire, only to learn dismayed 

That any wage I had asked for, life would have willingly paid


You have to be courageous enough to push past where you are right now….push yourself  with passion and intensity off the starting blocks and head down the bobsled track of life.

You have to be bold enough to ask of life more than you might right now feel you are worth because it is an observable fact that people tend to rise to meet demands that are upon them. But also acknowledge that it will take time to get there.

We  live in what I call a microwave society. Everyone wants success and they want it now. And why not? We hear so much about the overnight successes, don’t we? We hear so much about individuals,who only a short time ago were virtually unknown and now are on everyone’s lips. Or companies that seem to have come out of nowhere and are instantly valued in the billions.

But I have to say that I am always mindful when I speak about this business of becoming an overnight success because anyone familiar with the story of the Jamaica bobsled team might be apt to point out that we were an overnight success. That our team was started with mere months to go before the1988 Olympics

At the time we knew absolutely nothing about the sport and yet in such a short time we achieved such a high level of competency, we were able to compete at the highest level of international competition.

Now, it is true, that actually did happen and since it unfolded they way I described, you could say we were an overnight success.

BUT, you know there is always a but…. what you might be failing to consider is the fact that we spent years in Jamaica honing and developing our athletic talents so that one day, someone could teach us the rudiments of pushing a bobsled and in the process we were able to compete in the Olympic Games.

Again, this is the Keep On Pushing philosophy in practice……learning to apply your existing skills, knowledge and experience in the dynamic environment in which we live so that we can take advantage of and create new opportunities of the future.

This is principle that applies to every area of life…whether its medicine, sports business or what have you.

Look at Facebook for example. They got their first major investors less than a year after Mark Zuckerberg started programming the site but that’s not when he started programming. That process started as far back as when he was in middle school. That’s when he started learning about computers and programming and such and eventually he learnt enough, got skilled enough for him to start a company that looks like it was an overnight success.

So yes, success requires that you keep on pushing yourself through the process. That is when you gain knowledge learn new skills, hone and master them.

How many times have you heard of lottery winners….overnight they were worth millions and in no time they are flat broke? That’s because they did not go through the process! They did not equip themselves with the knowledge and skill to handle wealth. So yes, they became wealthy but they could not remain wealthy because they had not pushed themselves through the process to acquire the necessary skills to so so.

In bobsledding, each phase of the push, from the explosion on the blocks to the transition into your running form to the the acceleration down the track, allows you to build on the previous phase.

Likewise as you climb to the to the top of the corporate ladder, each rung comes with learning skill and a time frame to move from one rung to another.  This is actually a very good thing.  Once you have mastered that knowledge and skill-set it is a logical move to climb one rung higher.

You’ll often hear sales trainers say the success is a process, not an event. Creating your funnel, making calls, tracking results, collecting business cards, attending networking events, even getting yelled at by a receptionist who’s having a bad day—it’s all part of the process.

As I said earlier, there is no success without growth…there is no growth without change and change requires that you move out of your comfort zone and take risks.

You cannot go from the top of the bobsled track to the bottom in one fell swoop. You have to go the entire length of the track…. the process. And while each corner IS perilous, you minimize the risk not by working on your skills once but by constantly developing them…pushing the limits of your abilities.

You can’t get to where you are to where you would like to be in one  big push. It requires change.

Change in your thinking. Change in your skill set, your attitude, your outlook. It requires change in your routines and habits and how you approach your day.

All of this means consistently pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If you refuse to push yourself out of your comfort zone or make half hearted attempts do so, like the nonstarters and joggers do, your skills will begin to diminish, you will begin to fall behind and eventually, you will begin to lose confidence in your abilities. As a result, not only will you be missing out on life experiences, personal growth and professional opportunities, your self worth will diminish and you will begin to doubt your value in the marketplace.

Keep On Pushing also speaks to the idea of persistence

It is baffling to me that some people are surprised that they find obstacles, stumbling blocks standing between them and their goals. As I said earlier, that is the worst kept secret in the world.

Make no mistake about it, without apology, life is going to test your commitment to you achieving your goals and your persistence….your ability to Keep On Pushing is your answer.

Years ago, my eldest daughter was in the driveway shooting hoops and was having a frustrating time getting the ball in. So she started to cry. Now, you’d think that as a loving dad, I’d go hug and console her but that’s not what I did. I didn’t want to teach her that when things got hard, she could run to daddy and he’d make you feel better. I wanted her to learn that she had to be to tough. She had to be resolute. She had to persist when things are going the way she wanted. So, instead I was very firm with her.

I said to her..”If at first you don’t succeed, what must you do?”

In between her sobs and wiping away her tears she responded…..”try and try and try again”

“Exactly!” I responded.

She did try again and she scored! Lesson well learnt.

The thing we have to realize is that every goal we have is sitting on its equivalent of a 650 lbs bobsled and in the same way one massive push won’t get the sled off the starting blocks… massive push will not not get you over or past most of the obstacles you will face in life. You have to develop the quality of continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties.

Persistence is that force within you that pushes you to keep going until a goal is reached. Persistence, Perseverance, determination, doggedness, diligence, steadfastness.

I know that if you look in the dictionary, you’ll see different meanings but they all speak to the idea that you have to keep on pushing.

Let me pause here long enough though to say that persistence is not about mindlessly pursuing a goal just for the sake of pursuing it. Persistence requires wisdom.

The journey to your goal is similar to the journey you will take around your city from one address to another. Many times along the way you will encounter a series of dead ends, one ways, detours and do not enter signs. I am going to bet that your response to these obstacles is not to throw your hands in the air and head back home but rather to make the necessary adjustments, making a series of left and right turns, you hadn’t plan on….even some U turns; fully believing in your ability to reach your destination.

A persistent person, one who embraces the idea of Keep On Pushing is willing to admit when something isn’t working. They are wise enough to know that occasionally, they will have to change the goal but that most of the time what they will need to do is to change strategy.

So, for example,

it is counterproductive if not downright foolish to stay in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship, stay in a job you absolutely hate, follow a course of treatment that has absolutely shown no signs of working or to just keep at anything just to be able to say…see….I was pushing. I kept on pushing!

To keep on pushing means that occasionally you’ll have to adjust and adapt your plan of action. Do not stubbornly persist in the face of evidence that your plan is not working.

That is simply persisting for persisting sake.

That is foolish and it makes no sense.

The way to keep on pushing is to look for better ways that will increase your chances of success.

Remember that ultimately, your goal is to be happy and fulfilled. As long as you bear that in mind, you can keep on pushing purposefully in ways that will lead you towards your ultimate goal.

So that’s it folks. This idea….this philosophy of keep on pushing is not some esoteric mumbo jumbo but a sound principle….it is a way of life.

Whether or not we are conscious of, we are always pushing. My goal is  to get you to be aware of it and to do it deliberately. Not allowing things to happen haphazardly but rather to take deliberate action is one of the keys to success.


Keep On Pushing!

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