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Motivational Olympic Speaker

Devon Harris is a Winter Olympic athlete, an original member of the Jamaica Olympic Bobsled team which competed in the 1988 Calgary Olympics. He also competed in the 1992 and 1998 Olympic Games.

Devon Harris is now one of the top motivational speakers in New York and enjoys working as a corporate keynote speaker, sharing his message of how everyone can keep on pushing and working for their dreams every day of their professional, as well as personal, lives.

As a top motivational keynote speaker, Devon Harris is often asked to present his corporate keynotes to companies across many industries. His inspirational keynotes are highly customized and draw analogies between the challenges he faced on his journey from Olympic Gardens to the Olympic Games and those his audience may be facing.

His inspirational keynotes touch on themes, including pursuing the dream, persistence, teamwork, and leadership. As a top Olympic motivational keynote speaker, Devon Harris knows how to masterfully blend humor and entertainment with inspirational content.