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Adaptable: His message is highly customized to keep in line with the conference’s theme and relate to the audience’s experiences.
Charismatic: Devon Harris has an uncanny ability to captivate the audience and keep their attention with his engaging speaking style and charismatic storytelling skills.

Dependable: The right motivational speaker can be a planner’s best friend. Motivational speakers enhance and enrich the event with their presence and tone. By helping the planner achieve their goals for the event, a motivational speaker will make them look good.

You have spent many months planning your event down to every minute detail. Don’t make the mistake some meeting planners make-not putting enough thought into hiring the right motivational speaker. Having a great venue, delectable meals, and fun activities are all keys to creating a memorable event but having the wrong motivational speaker could make all your hard work go to naught.
The right motivational speaker can be a planner’s best friend as motivational speakers enhance and enrich the event with their presence and tone. By helping the planner achieve their goals for the event, a motivational speaker will make them look good.


What should you be thinking of when looking to hire a motivational speaker?

This is actually a very big decision. Just any old motivational speaker will not do and that is why it is surprising that some planners put so little effort in hiring a motivational speaker. Hiring the right motivational speaker can take a lot of work off your plate, thus giving you the flexibility and confidence to focus on other areas of the event. In fact, I would argue that the right motivational speaker will make it clear to the event planner that the last thing they would need to worry about is the motivational speaker. The motivational speaker is saying to the planner, “don’t worry, I got this!”
Undoubtedly, there are many great motivational speakers available to you but, what determines which motivational speaker is the right fit for you?
The first thing that should be considered when hiring a motivational speaker is your overall goal for the conference. A capable motivational speaker would want to know the purpose and theme of your conference. Clearly establishing that and considering the demographic of your audience will help you find the kind of motivational speaker they would most likely resonate with.

Motivational Speaker

Other considerations when hiring a motivational speaker include:

What are some of the challenges attendees are facing currently?

Are there any particular messages you would want them to hear?

What do you want attendees to feel and do during and after the event?

Which experiences can a motivational speaker draw on to adequately engage your audience?

Some motivational speakers are experts in the soft skills areas–personal growth, communication, teamwork and so on. Others are more technical speakers but as a motivational speaker, they must still have the ability to deliver the most drab content in an engaging way.
These considerations are critical. They will lead you to the motivational speaker who is right for your audience.
Regardless of the kind of motivational speaker you need, organizing an event and hiring a motivational speaker could be a welcome change of pace for employees. The general economic climate, market contraction that is directly affecting your industry, the monotonous nature of daily tasks and other scenarios can do real damage to morale. A dynamic motivational speaker who can permeate the work environment with a healthy dose of inspiration could be just what the doctor ordered. A compelling motivational speaker can help employees feel empowered and reenergized.

Motivational Speaker

Organizations and work teams who want to remain competitive in such a rapidly changing marketplace can benefit greatly from a motivational speaker. An engaging, charismatic motivational speaker who uses humor and practical tips, can connect with and inspire employees to become more effective personally and professionally.  Your job is to bring such a motivational speaker to them, but it is important to do your research. The fact that someone is a celebrity and commands a high speaking fee doesn’t mean that they are effective as a motivational speaker or even be the right one for you. You therefore need to be meticulous and wary when choosing the motivational speaker for your next event. Most professional motivational keynote speakers are easy to contact because they have a personal website. They also have online videos which allow you to assess their style and ability as a motivational speaker.

Devon offers a masterful blend of entertainment and meaningful content

He delivers programs that are comprehensively customized, inspirational and vividly descriptive

Devon provides incredible value to his audiences, giving them actionable steps that they can apply to their lives

Motivational Speaker

One such motivational speaker is Devon Harris. He has been in demand as one of the top motivational speakers to businesses, foundations, government organizations, schools and universities. His inspirational keynotes on themes of pursuing the dream, diversity, peak performance, persistence, leadership, and teamwork have been a hit. Audiences at conferences and corporate events for Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations have been inspired and entertained by Devon. He is one of those motivational speakers who is a meeting planner’s best friend because he does his homework. Devon Harris relevant, customized content along with his irrepressible energy and humor, make him a top motivational speaker. You could argue that his unique life experiences have prepared him to be a top motivational speaker in New York. This has allowed him to deliver a powerful, poignant message that is authentic, entertaining and yet highly inspirational. As a motivational speaker Devon speaks to your heart, mind and soul and has a message that will be remembered. His “keep On Pushing message is uplifting and empowering and fills the audience with an optimistic can-do attitude that is lasting.
So, do you want to find the right motivational speaker for your event? Well do your homework! As long as it is done properly, finding a professional motivational speaker isn’t all that difficult. If you determine that Devon Harris is the motivational speaker who best suits your needs, don’t hesitate to contact him