Master of Ceremonies

An increasing number of organizations are recognizing not only the value of having an engaging, motivational speaker for corporate events but also a master of ceremonies who can be entrusted with the flow and continuity of their event. In addition to be an effective motivational speaker for corporate events, a top master of ceremonies can add value to a meeting by setting the tone, reinforcing key content, and seamlessly directing the program between speakers and presentations.

As an accomplished motivational speaker for corporate events with a naturally effusive stage personality, Devon Harris can add a professional flair to your meeting by serving as your Master of Ceremonies. Although you may bring Devon Harris in as a motivational speaker for corporate events, as your master of ceremonies, you can be sure of an event that is dynamic and flows well. In this role, Devon Harris will allow you to relax and let your hair down. Devon Harris will:

Establish a consistent tone for your meeting

Ensures continuity and manages timelines

Fill in those awkward dead spots that can occur between sessions

Introduce your speakers and sessions graciously and professionally

And simply makes everything flow better and more fun for everyone!!