Overcome your environment

The author Mark Caine reminds us that “The first step toward success is taken when you re

There is no doubt that many of us find ourselves in situations and circumstances that make it more difficult to succeed.

Note I said our circumstances might make it difficult, not impossible to succeed.

It is far too easy and quite frankly a cop out to blame others or the circumstances you inherited for your lack of success.

The truth is, no circumstance,whether it is negative people, bad attitudes,stressful situations or whatever, can defeat you unless you allow it to.

You can break yourself free. You have the ability to surmount any challenge you might face.

It is not your circumstances that make you. It is your decisions.

Deep in your very core, lies a strength–a force, that is more powerful than your circumstances or environment.

So make the decision!

You can decide to tap into that power and use it to get the better of your circumstances.

This has been a Keep On Pushing moment.

I am Devon Harris

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As always, Keep On Pushing!

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